× At Escaparium, we strongly believe we are one of the safest activities that you and your loved ones can do. You are in a private room, which is cleaned and disinfected after every group, with members of your own family bubble, having no contact with other people. We will sadly, not be able to remain open until the government changes the restrictions applied to all leisure activities due to lack of customers and limited to only players from the same bubble. We are hoping that we will be able to continue providing you with unforgettable immersive and fun experiences on October 29th (current expected date given by the government for restrictions to change).

For the moment, you can always live online adventures at www.ezkapaz.com. Two adventures that are not only different from what they used to be but also have been worked on a lot to provide an amazing experience in the comfort of your home.

Oh... by the way, we are designing new escape game rooms for you. We will offer you an even more elaborate game formula as well as an immersion that will exceed your expectations.


The Rooms